Saturday, 9/10/11 (Part I)

Boy Scouts, Dental Sealants, & Science

“Can I have some peppers?” Erica holds her plate up but doesn’t pass it to me as she turns her head to stare at her mother.

“Are you going to pass me your plate?”

“Yeah, no…”  she says as she does. “I was waiting for Mom to say, ‘You like peppers?’ Yes. We do this every time. But you won’t let me have them,” she says, still looking at Mom.

“I like peppers,” says Mom.

“I like ‘em too. Thank-ya Daddy,” Erica says as I pass her plate back.

Dinner has begun.

Boy Scouts and Boxers

“I had to answer the door in my underwear this morning for the Boy Scouts collecting bottles,” I say, looking at my wife.

I am on call this weekend, and I was up until 3:00 AM that morning working calls. I’d just fallen asleep around 4:00, when Linn came into my room and woke me up again, needing a hug and a kiss after a bad nightmare. Mom was downstairs sleeping on the couch with Daniel, who was sleeping on another couch with his head locked over a small waste can all night, vomiting. It took me another hour to fall back to sleep after I put Linn back to bed. I had to get back up at 8:00 to continue working those calls, which I was still doing in my boxers and a t-shirt at 9:30, when someone knocked at the door.

“Yeah, I told him to put some pants on,” says Erica. Mom turns and looks at her.

“Why didn’t you answer the door?”

“Cause I was in my pajamas.”

“Me too,” says Linn

“When was that?”

“This morning?”

“Where was I?”

“Taking Daniel to the doctor.”


“Yeah. It was so embarrassing,” says Erica.

“Were they old Boy Scouts?” asks Maddie.

I was afraid to ask why that mattered. Apparently there is a boy in her class who is a Scout…



2 responses to “Saturday, 9/10/11 (Part I)

  1. Awesomeness.

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