New Word of the Day: Logorrhea

Did you know that there is a word for excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness? Yeah, there is.


I like to write and, as such, I tend to overwrite. Why say in twenty words when forty, eighty, or even eight-hundred-and-eighty words would sound so much better? When people talk too much they are said to have diarrhea of the mouth. So what do you call people who write too much? What descriptive phrase suits them? Suits us? Diarrhea of the pen? Diarrhea of the typewriter? Diarrhea of the keyboard? Lame. Too many syllables. Too trite and too cliché—just like the preceding adjective and noun. We need a new noun and an allegoric adjective. Something new, something fresh. With Google as my friend and Webster as my guide, I found my answer.

It’s called logorrhea. Pronounced log·or·rhea. Makes sense. Has Greek origins according to one website—logos meaning word and roia meaning flow or stream—but Webster’s dictionary says its origins are New Latin circa 1892. Whatever. I like it. I now have a name to put to my dysfunction. A noun to my name and an adjective to my attitude. Hi, my name’s Dan and I’m a logorrheic. Finally, my disease has a name. Now, finally, I can go about finding a cure.



One response to “New Word of the Day: Logorrhea

  1. good luck cause you’re gonna need it, not even Wikipedea has a treatment or a cure listed and every other site i’ve open for two hours doesn’t have anything either,.

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