Monday, 9/19/2011 (Part II)

Do They Serve Sausage in Prison?

So, I am working on a creative project that involves a webcam mounted to the ceiling above the dining room table. Don’t ask. Perhaps I’ll post it here when it’s done.

Anyway, Daniel points out to Erica that the behavior she is exhibiting makes her look like an idiot, and it is all being recorded.

“What?” she says.

“The camera,” Maddie points to the ceiling above her head.

Erica looks at me like I’m weird, which I am, with a question mark hovering above her head.

“I took it out of the bathroom,” I tease her. Daniel calls my bluff.

“Yeah, you ordered that.”

“No,” I laugh. “I took it out of the bathroom.”


Now I have to explain why this is funny. There has been an urban legend circulating around school that there are video cameras in the school bathrooms. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I did find out after checking out the laws in our state that this is legal. This discovery was the fodder needed for an object lesson in behavior under the assumption that someone is always watching you—that and to not change in the bathrooms at school.

“Yeah, I’m not falling for that one again,” says Erica.

“That’s a change,” says Mom.

“Yeah it is,” she agrees.

“Maybe it really is in the bathroom,” says Daniel.

“Yeah, I think we’d be able to see the brand new cord and the computer.”

“No, the wires are in the wall,” says Mom.

“Yeah, that would be extremely…” Erica searches for the right adjective.

“Ostentatious,” finishes Maddie.

“Not ‘ostentatious,’” Mom says, laughing.

“You could go to jail for doing that,” says Erica.

“No, it’s my house. I can video tape where ever I want to in my house.”

“Not, in, the, bath-room, you, can-n’t,” Erica sings.

“Yes I can.”


“You just can’t put it on the internet,” Mom says.



“I just can’t sell it for money. I can put it on the internet, I just can’t sell it.”

“I can file a complaint that you put me on the internet,” says Daniel.

“Go ahead. File. File away. There’s a filing cabinet in my office. Go to it.”

“Or I could sue that you’re putting me on the internet, and that you taped me.”

“You can’t sue me.”

“Yes I can.”

“Oh, fine. I’ll evict you then.”

“Not if we evict you first,” laughs Erica.

“I think Child Protective Services would probably take you,” Maddie tells Daniel.

“Go ahead. Call Child Protective Services. That’s one more piece of sausage for me.”

“I don’t think they have sausage in jail.”


Good point Daniel. Good point.


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