About Us

Hello, If you are here and you are human—and why wouldn’t you be, unless you’re one of those spam bots that offer to make me rich, loan me money under the guise of stealing my identity,  or enlarge something I’m perfectly happy with—you are probably wondering what this site is all about. Well, it’s about me. About my life. But only one specific aspect of my life as the rest of it is dull and boring. Trust me. It is. It’s about my family. Specifically, what we discuss during dinner.

Four kids, two parents, one dog, and tons of discussion, dinnertime is loud, enlightening, chaotic, crude, poignant, and usually dysfunctional, but it is always very, very funny. After dinner with us, you will either leave, holding your sides with laughter, begging for more, or leave asking us to stop, glad you’re not one of us. Either way, our dysfunctional dinner discussions promise to become a habit for you as much as it is for us and make you feel good about family. So stop back. Check us out, and find out what we are discussing today.



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